Since its creation in 2006, Anticip is recognized for its operational capacities. 

With a strong background in crisis management, the group is the French specialist in matters of security. The company is able to deploy experts in all matters of intervention according to the clients’ needs:

Preventative Measures

At the forefront of every project, Anticip can deploy its experts to audit and implement a device adapted to the security policy of its clients.

Reactive Measures

  • Anticip intervenes immediately upon the moment its clients signal a particular situation thanks to the dedicated hotline, available 24/7.
  • Once the situation is analyzed, Anticip deploys one or more taskforces. Anticip intervention teams, made up of former members of the armed forces, as well as negotiators and psychologists, are sent to the location, where the businesses and families are based, to help them manage the situation.

PSD Escort – Mobile Safety

Armed with years of experience in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2008, Anticip has a vast history in the field of PSD (Protective Security Detail) escorts. Low-profile escorts armed or unarmed, in armoured vehicles (level B6) or soft-skinned, Anticip adapts its device and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to the situation and security policy of its clients.

Safety of Events 

Anticip ensures the safety of international meetings and conventions. The group assists its clients in the selection of cities, accommodation, and activities offered. They can also execute technological solutions to guarantee the security of data and information exchanged on location. 

Hotel Database

As part of your employees travelling abroad, Anticip holds a datbase on hotel security. Designed by Anticip experts, this source of information is updated on a daily basis and regularly adds new hotels.

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