Anticip’s offer ‘ISR as a Service’ enables its clients to install their operating sites overseas all while mastering potential risks and limiting the impact of such feared events.

Intelligence – Surveillance – Recognition

Technological solutions to identify in real time the risks of intrusion.

  • CCTV Cameras: Install CCTV circuits and analysis of captured images.
  • Drones: Design, development, and assembly of custom-made drones prepared for aerial imagery solutions and usable to monitor sites and convoys.

There are no drones that can be procured “over-the-counter” and meet everyone’s demands, therefore Anticip experts accompany their clients in the writing of operational concepts, in the drafting of specifications and in the implementation of an employment doctrine adapted to the mission, each time different from one economic initiative to another.

Anticip has consolidated multiple strategic partnerships with leading European specialists in the manufacturing of drones, most notably THALES, U-VISION, and TEKEVER, who enable the agency to conceive tailor-made models specifically adapted to the needs of its clients.

Anticip conceptualizes, develops, and assembles custom-made drones to meet its clients’ every need in terms of aerial imagery or other data gatherings. They can, notably, be used to monitor the client’s facilities, industrial sites or convoys of people and equipment.

As part of a turnkey service, the drone is configured in terms of the mission’s specificities. Upon request and specific support, the images can also be sent to the Anticip operational control centres to assist its clients in the success of the mission.

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