Because anticipation is primarily the access to information, Anticip has a 24/7 surveillance platform in Dakar. 

Connected to all sorts of sources, open, closed, feedback, and local partners, Anticip analysts provide alerts and analysis 24/7 and in real time on political, security, societal, health, and environmental events.

Accessible by e-mail, push notifications, mobile application or SMS if the signal allows it, the Anticip alerts cover over 250 territories and countries.

Types of alerts :

  • Terrorist events
  • External political stability
  • Crime and organized crimes
  • Internal political stability
  • Environmental alerts
  • Socio-economic stability
  • Health information
  • Recommendations and travel advice from major Western countries

Goal: Allow travellers to anticipate local events that could have significant consequences on their journey.”

Anticip information portal

For analytical purposes, our clients have access to our database containing a thorough history of all alerts (more than 35,000) produced by our experts.

Hotel database

As part of your employees travelling abroad, Anticip holds a database on hotel security. Designed by Anticip experts, this source of information is updated on a daily basis and regularly adds new hotels.

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