Security Managers of Anticip

As security measures become more standardized and demand for constant technical analysis and monitoring, Anticip can send one of its experts (Security Manager/Security Officer/Supervisor), carefully selected and trained for the mission for a duration adapted to the operational needs.

Generally selected from within military forces, may they be French or foreign, but also from civil institutes (engineering schools), Anticip Security Managers, along with their technical skills, are also selected based on their capacity for intercultural and community management as well as their adaptability.

Security Managers are dispatched for a fixed period of time within our client’s companies, generally within the duration of a project, in order to provide business expertise adapted to the mission.

Our Security Managers benefit from Anticip’s 24/7 technological support in order to support clients in the exercise of their mission (access to surveillance platforms and analysis, alerts portal, Eyedefend’s geolocation software, etc.).

Our experts are at the disposal of our clients to ensure the security of the people, their assets, and facilities.

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