Successful international mobility requires a specialized and meticulous preparation. 

With a rich experience in more than 16 countries at risk or in a state of war, Anticip has developed a unique training program. Through e-learning or face-to-face, these interactive and innovative learning sessions allow employees to familiarize themselves with the risks of the country they are heading to, to know how to deal with safety contingencies, and to know what behaviour to adopt in the event of a crisis.


The training sessions given by Anticip experts cover all topics that affect the safety of companies and their employees. These units stem from the field experience of the trainers, often coming from specialized units of the French army.
Adapted to the client’s specific needs, these training sessions include many simulation exercises ranging from crisis management to intercultural management.


The reaction of employees during a crisis is difficult to anticipate. To prepare and reassure them, Anticip has thought of specialized training simulations to learn how to handle moments of extreme stress.


To prepare employees, Anticip created Anticip Academy, a platform with more than 30 topics in self-assessments adapted to different cultures and international destinations. These interactive videos, in 3D animation, use state-of-the-art graphics technology acclaimed by animated film studios. They are available in 7 languages and accessible 24/7 on all digital media.

Tailored to needs:

  • International mobility risks
  • Information security
  • Intercultural management
  • Crisis management


  • Environment and buildings
  • Types of interlocutors
  • Local culture, including laws
  • Photos and logos

Evaluation :

  • Personal access codes
  • Self-assessment quiz
  • Final exam
  • Certificate at the end of cycle

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