Since its creation in 2006, Anticip is recognized for its integrated and innovative solutions in matters of safety engineering and its operational capacity in risk areas.

The broad spectrum of its activities based on the two pillars that are safety engineering and operations allows Anticip to position itself on the entire risk chain.

From prevention to post-crisis debriefing sessions, Anticip experts will be able to respond appropriately to the multiple needs of events that may impact your business.

Safety engineering solutions

Anticip Intelligence

Specialized surveillance, personalized alerts and analysis permitting employees to be informed when risks emerge.

Anticip Academy

Expert training and awareness sessions in e-learning 3D animations to acquire the knowledge and behaviour required during travel.

Anticip Travel

Employee monitoring software in real time based on the capture of PNRs.

Anticip Eye Defend

24/7 tracking software of people and assets thanks to a GSM or satellite geolocation solution.

Operational solutions

Anticip Ops

Our team (experts, supervisors, K9, etc.) ensure the physical protection of people and goods and will support you during your trips in risk areas.

Anticip Corporate Security

A remote expert within your company… As security measures become more standardized and demand for constant technical analysis and monitoring, Anticip can send one of its experts (Security Manager), carefully selected and trained for the mission, to support you amongst your team for a duration adapted to your operational needs.

Anticip IT Solutions

Conception and execution of the electronic surveillance system (CCTV, access control, etc.).

Anticip "ISR as a Service"

“Intelligence Surveillance Recognition”, Anticip designs, develops, and deploys surveillance systems under operational conditions, embedded on board aircrafts, whether inhabited or not, for the gathering, transmission, and analysis of intelligence flow.