With 14 years of experience at the GIGN and the French Special Forces, and more than 13 years of experience in the private sector, Anticip provides its clients with operational and technological expertise to support their development with solutions adapted to their needs.

Risk anticipation

The preparation, training, and 24/7 flow of information from employees are fundamental aspects in the anticipation of risk situations. That is why Anticip has developed a set of anticipatory solution for its clients:

  • Anticip Intelligence: Benefit from 24/7 information flow (specific analyses, alerts, country safety/health profile) adapted to the needs of managers, expatriates, and employees whom are travelling.
  • Anticip Academy: e-learning and/or face-to-face training to recognize, anticipate, and react appropriately to risk situations.
  • Anticip Operations: Specialized safety and security audit to ensure the safety of people, assets, and flows.

Advanced technological solutions

Field experience combined with the arrival of new technologies has permitted us to develop innovative and integrated solutions for our clients.

  • Anticip Academy: e-learning training based on 3D technology allows fast and remote training of all employees.
  • Anticip Travel: Employee monitoring software based on the capture of PNRs (Passenger Name records). This system allows a company to structure and automatically deploy its security policy to meet its “Duty of Care” obligations.
  • Anticip Eyedefend: Tracking solution based on the geolocation of a tag or phone. Active or passive system that tracks people and goods. Connected 24/7 to our operating centres, this system allows you to view your assets and be alerted in case there is a problem.
  • Anticip ISR as a Service: Since every project have a unique risk assessment profile, Anticip designs, develops, and operates integrated solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Recognition according to an operational concept that is defined and adapted to the mission needs of its clients.

Unparalleled operational capacity

With ongoing partnerships and subsidiaries operating in 16 countries, Anticip experts can respond quickly in any situation. The adaptability and experience at Anticip allow us to rapidly send out one or more people to provide quick support in case of a problem.
Anticip has carried out 5 evacuations by air over the last 4 years and evacuated over fifty French and foreign nationals in emergency situations.