The geographic scope of our branches, offices, and operating centres including ongoing partnerships established in risk areas allow Anticip to cover the entire globe. The group can thus intervene quickly and set up analytical capacities at any moment on any political, cultural, economic, and environmental evolutions that may impact its clients.

  • Anticip subsidiary or permanent presence
  • Anticip Countries with permanent partners
  • Anticip regular intervention zone

Anticip in France

Created in 2006 in partnership with multiple French experts on Security and Defense, Anticip founded its agency in the Parisian region. The area is also host to an operating centre to manage crisis situations and plan safety operations.

Anticip in Iraq: An unique and unparalleled expertise

Founded in 2008, Anticip is the first French security operator to establish itself in the country.
Anticip SAS started its activities in Iraq as an equity investment with local company, SABRE International. In 2011, Anticip bought the Security license (Near East Security Service N. 85) and in 2016, merged its activities with Al Murabit (AMS), current licensee N. 91 and holder of ISO 18788 and norms PSC-1, to verify the new Iraqi legislation concerning security companies.

Anticip carries out more than 400 days of missions per year all over the territory of Iraq and Kurdistan.

The local setup is also comprised of a residential complex and a business centre offering more than forty rooms and offices for its clients in Baghdad, as well as a secured residential compound in Basra.

Anticip in Dubai: Opening into the Middle East

Anticip opened a branch in Dubai, UAE in 2015 in the business district of Jumeirah Lake Towers. The local team is composed of 30 people whom ensure the deployment and monitoring of Anticip Eyedefend tracking system. The 24/7 operating centre is in charge of supervising all of the group’s operations and the central location in Dubai allows the company to quickly send out experts and intervention teams in the area.

West Africa: A historical branch

The Nigerian branch, composed of a 24/7 control room, is the first of its kind outside Europe. The branch allows Anticip to multiply its operations in western Africa since its foundation. Anticip has also been based in Dakar since 2017, where a team of 20 people is responsible for the group’s information processing and security monitoring operations.