The expertise at Anticip, both operational and technological, allows the agency to position itself on the entire risk chain.

From prevention to post-crisis debriefing sessions, Anticip experts respond appropriately to the multiple needs of events that may impact the people and the goods.

Middle East

Present since 2008 in Iraq, Anticip has become the French leader in the region. With two operating centres in Baghdad and Dubai and significant physical and technical resources, Anticip can support its clients on large-scale multi-year projects.

From the geostrategic analysis upstream of the projects to the operational deployment in the field, Anticip accompanies in compliance with local and legal regulations.

The information

Because anticipation is primarily the access to information, Anticip has a 24/7 an armed surveillance platform in Dakar. Connected to all sorts of sources, open, closed, feedback, and local partners, Anticip analysts provide alerts and analysis 24/7 and in real time on political, security, societal, health, and environmental events.

Crisis management

Based on 14 years of experience in the GIGN, the founders of Anticip, since 2006, have developed a multidisciplinary division in crisis management. The agency works upstream with its clients to put in place different protocols and contingency plans based on the creation of plans and procedures, otherwise known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • In case of a crisis, Anticip can execute the following protocols:
  • Set up a hotline, accessible 24/7.
  • Deploy a taskforce to the client, families, and on the field.
  • Send out negotiators.
  • Deploy a QRF (Quick Reaction Force).
  • Provide a unit for psychological support.